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At Animal Removal Toronto Our job is to rid your home of problem wildlife as fast as possible so you can get back to your life, we also provide prevention screening to protect your home from further animal invasion.


Animal Removal Services Toronto – AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Can Help!

While people are often able to live in perfect harmony, it sometimes happens that our local animal residents aren’t nearly as neighbourly as we’d like them to be. In fact, wild animals like raccoons, squirrels, and skunks can be a downright nuisance. Because these critters tend to be persistent in their role as mischief makers, Animal Removal Toronto Companies must be contacted to safely and humanely help fix the wildlife problem.

Typically, a Toronto animal removal company visits the property to first inspect, then block all entry holes and problem areas with animal proof screen, efficiently stopping the offending pests so they can visit your property no more to wreak havoc and create a genuine health risk for you and your family. 

Some animals like squirrels breed twice a year, great info to know when trying to remove them. Raccoon mothers can be very territorial if they nest with their young on your property and they sometimes get aggressive when being evicted from their den site.


AAA Affordable Wildlife can affordably and humanely escort these critters out of your attic encourage them to move to an area where they can live safely and comfortably away from your space. Moreover, our Toronto customers can feel safer knowing that their property is protected from animals that could pose threats to them and their families.

Raccoons can be decidedly bold creatures that will not easily scare from your garbage cans. Often people wake in the morning to giant messes created by hungry raccoons tearing through garbage cans. The mess can be strewn across the lawn where it can even lure other hungry pests like rodents.

Affordable Baby Raccoon Removal

 Moreover, once a group of raccoons finds that your trash is to their liking, this type of mess can become a frequent occurrence. Sometimes the noise that these raccoons create at night by fighting over scraps is enough to wake up the household.

Whether your garbage is invaded by one or several raccoons, it’s a good idea to have Animal Removal Toronto come and safely collect them. Raccoons carry rabies and can also be aggressive. It’s far safer to let someone trained in raccoon removal handle the task efficiently.

Squirrels can also be a real nuisance for some Toronto residents. While they can tear up gardens and make a mess of things in the yard, they often try to invade chimneys and even attics. Squirrels can also be quite persistent and difficult to control.


However, an animal removal company such as AAA Affordable Wildlife Control deals with pesky squirrels all the time and is adept at removing them from attics & chimneys. Having squirrel prevention installed will encourage them to move to another settings where they will be more at home–and decidedly not in your home anymore!

Find out more – If you’re unsure on how to manage your squirrel removal problem these facts might help you decide.

Animal Removal Toronto

Please Note: We do not trap and relocate raccoons, skunks or any wild animals during baby season.

 We recommend adding prevention screening around the weak spots on your home for long term protection against wild animals. Nuisance raccoons that use your deck or other areas around the yard as a latrine but do not live on the property can be trapped and relocated as long as no babies are involved. 

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The Benefits of Affordable Wildlife Control Services

While it might be cute to view wildlife from afar, the result might not be the same if these animals move into your yard or home. Wildlife can cause lots of damage, leading to costly repairs to your home or business. If you have a wildlife problem, you’ll want to take care of it quickly before it creates an expensive situation. Fortunately, our affordable wildlife control services are exactly what you need to remedy the situation without spending too much money.

Our Affordable Wildlife Control Services

Hiring trained professionals with the equipment, knowledge, and experience needed to remove wildlife safely and humanely is the easiest way to achieve affordable wildlife control. You can relax with the knowledge that the job is completed properly and efficiently. Not only are the animals removed safely and humanly, but your home or business is also animal proofed so that wildlife cannot reenter your building.

Our Animal Removal Toronto services include:
• Squirrel removal and proofing
• Raccoon removal and proofing
• Skunk removal and proofing
• Bat removal and proofing
• Pigeon removal and proofing

Whether you have bats in the attic, squirrels in the chimney, or raccoons under the deck, our trained animal removal experts can remove them and relocate them safely.

Reasons Why Wildlife Infestations Are Increasing

Today, most people know someone who has experienced a problem with wildlife infestations. It isn’t that people are getting sloppy and leaving food or garbage out. Instead, one of the following reasons is likely to be at the root of this problem:
• Population growth
• Urban sprawl
• Increase in wildlife populations
• Improper removal of nuisance pests

Types of Wildlife Damage Created by Raccoons & Squirrels


Unfortunately, wild animals can create a lot of damage when they decide to move in with humans. Not only are their teeth and claws sharp enough to destroy parts of a structure, but quite often, they carry diseases and parasites that can be harmful to humans. Moreover, the damage they create can lead to additional problems. For example, when wildlife breaks into an attic by chewing through vents, screens, or siding, they open the area to the possibility of water damage. Damaged insulation and chewed electrical wires can lead to fires, a situation that might destroy your entire home or business.

Wild animals often react aggressively when faced with unfamiliar situations. If a domesticated pet, small child, or adult approaches a raccoon, squirrel, or skunk, an attack can occur. If an injury results, a visit to seek medical attention becomes necessary, leading to unexpected expenses. Therefore, it is important to arrange for affordable wildlife control to handle squirrel, raccoon, or skunk removal before such an event takes place.

Our Animal Removal Toronto Strategies

Although the methods we use depend on the exact situation involved, our affordable wildlife control strategies typically include the use of:
• Humane strategies for removing squirrels, skunks, and raccoons
• Relocation (only as a last resort) to a safe area where the animal can live out the remainder of its life but far enough away that it is highly unlikely the animal will return
• Reintegration of the family unit by returning the offspring to their mothers
• Safe removal of wildlife through the use of a one-way door that prevents the animal from retuning once it exits its home
• Wildlife proofing at common entry points, including attics, chimneys, and weak points in the building’s structure


Wildlife control, prevention, and removal are important parts of protecting your home against a wildlife invasion. The techniques we use are safe and humane, allowing us to remove nuisance pests without placing your family and home or customers and business at risk. Please contact us at AAA Affordable Wildlife Control if you need additional information. Also visit our Wildlife Control Reviews page for more info.