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Bats and Cold Weather – An Unhealthy Mix


Numerous types of bats exist throughout the world. Most people are familiar with the little brown bat and have seen it flying at night near their homes. During the warm months, the bats typically live outside, but where do they live during the coldest months of the year? To learn more about their choice of a winter home and why it is so unhealthy for humans.


Where Do Bats Live?


Most bats prefer to live in treetops or caves, but they are more than willing to move into attics, barns, and garages once the cold weather arrives. This is particularly true in highly populated areas where forested areas no longer exist.

Affordable Bat Removal Toronto - Affordable Wildlife Control

Affordable Bat Removal Toronto – Affordable Wildlife Control


Do Bats Live Alone?


Bats live in colonies, sharing the warmth of their bodies as they hibernate. The size of the colony is determined by the number of healthy bats living in the group. As long as the colony is a healthy one, it continues to grow in size from year to year.




What Do Bats Eat?


Although most bats prefer moths and mosquitoes, they feast on other types of insects as well. Since bats are nocturnal, their diet consists primarily of flying insects that are active at night.


Are Bats Active During the Winter?

Affordable Bat Removal Toronto - Animal Removal Toronto

Affordable Bat Removal Toronto – Animal Removal Toronto


During the beginning of the cold-weather season, bats might remain semi-active until they settle in for the long winter. However, once their food source becomes unavailable due to the cold weather, bats tend to remain inside of their chosen home without venturing outside.

Preparing Their Home


Unfortunately, when bats move into an attic, they usually create a lot of damage in order to make the place habitable for themselves. Bats often rip up insulation in their search for a spot to roost. The size of the colony is a factor that adds to the mess created by the bats.


Disease and Infection


Bat guano is filled with contaminants. When bats are overwintering in your home, your family might be exposed to guano and develop Histoplasmosis, a deadly disease. Moreover, bats are often infected with ticks and fleas that can migrate from the attic to the rest of your home.


Removing Bats – Animal Removal Toronto


Due to the dangers involved in removing wildlife from an enclosed space, it is best to call in professionals bat removal who are experienced in doing so. Bats can and will bite if they feel threatened.


When bats move into your home, the results can be unpleasant. From the noise of the bats as they move in to the stench of their urine and guano, your home can become uninhabitable. If you suspect bats have entered your attic, you should arrange a bat control expert to have them removed before your health is affected.


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