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 The beauty of Brampton is under siege by a nuisance bird problem that continues to grow. The abundance of readily available scraps of food, seeds, and berries throughout the area invites these resilient birds to call Brampton their home.

In fact, pigeons, rarely need to forage for food in an urban environmentsince humans have become sloppy in discarding their leftovers. Plus, some people simply enjoy watching the frenzied efforts of birds as they swoop in to compete for a handful of seeds. If nuisance birds have invaded your residential or business area, it might be time to consider hiring a Brampton bird removal service.

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Problems Created by Pigeons & Nuisance Birds in Brampton

Although pigeons and black starlings don’t actively go out to destroy things, their mere presence can lead to a number of problems, including each of the following circumstances:

  • Inability to enjoy a balcony or yard due to the smell, noise, and mess
  • Building facades defaced by pigeon excrement and urine
  • Risk of disease (salmonella poisoning and histoplasmosis) due to pigeon droppings
  • Exposure to fleas, bird mites, and ticks
  • Shingles prematurely deteriorating as a result of a pigeon infestation
  • Clog gutters and rain spouts
  • Slipping hazards created by pigeon excrement and urine
  • Pigeon droppings stain paint, discolour wood, erode metal, weaken brickwork, and damage tar-based roofs

Where Do Pigeons & Other Birds Live on Your Property?

  Pigeons typically look for a flat, sheltered area where they can roost throughout the night. The birds build nests, personalizing their spots. Each evening, the pigeons return to their nest to relax until they go to sleep. Once you see the signs of a pigeon nest or two, your problem has begun.

Pigeon Control and Bird Nest Removal Brampton Service
Pigeon Control and Bird Nest Removal Brampton Service


Although pigeons do not need a lot of space for their nesting area, they prefer narrow spots that offer at least some protection from the wind, rain, sleet, snow, and predators. Therefore, they often choose one of the following areas to roost and/or build a nest:

  • oversized or recessed window ledge
  •  The overhang of a building, particularly the corners
  •  Gutters
  •  Flat Roofs
  •  Loft spaces
  •  Areas containing a large sign
  •  Beneath an air conditioning unit located on a roof
  •  Rooftops located in an alley
  •  Balconies

Pigeon Behaviour 

While they remain active throughout the majority of the day, pigeons return to their roosting area just prior to sunset. Pigeons have limited eyesight that doesn’t allow them to see well during the night, which is why they avoid flying during this time. Their complete lack of fear regarding humans is one of the reasons why pigeons are frequently seen out in the open. Pigeons are social birds, and they tend to roost in groups rather than alone.


Preventing Pigeon Problems

Unless you can also control your neighbour’s behaviour, you might find it difficult to eliminate pigeon problems completely. After all, if your neighbour enjoys feeding the pigeons, a few of these birds are going to end up in your yard or on your rooftop. Nonetheless, eliminating enticements in your own yard can impact the number of pigeons finding their way into your backyard in a positive way.

Pigeon Control and Bird Nest Removal Brampton Service
Bird Nest Removal Brampton – Affordable Wildlife Control


Use the following tips to minimize pigeon damage:


  • Do not use bird feeders
  • Secure garbage immediately and thoroughly
  • Clean up after pets
  • Replace fruiting bushes with non-fruiting varieties
  • Eliminate standing sources of water

Professional pigeon solutions include a number of different strategies, including each of the following:

  • Bird wire
  • Porcupine wire
  • Bird coil
  • Netting
  • Screening
How Much Does Squirrel Removal Toronto, Skunk Removal, Raccoon Removal Toronto Cost,
How Much Does Squirrel Removal Toronto, Skunk Removal, Raccoon Removal Toronto Cost,

Pigeon Control Services – 3 Transmittable Diseases Pigeons Carry That Humans Can Get

Pigeon control is a service that can vary in cost depending on how long the problem has been going on. Pigeons carry a wide variety of diseases that are easily transmitted to humans, providing one of the most important reasons to seek wildlife control services to remove the birds from your business or residential area.

Transmission of disease typically occurs through the inhalation of dust created by dried-out pigeon droppings.

Animal Removal Toronto - Bird Removal Toronto
Animal Removal Toronto – Pigeon & Bird Removal Toronto, Affordable Wildlife Control Toronto Services

Pigeon droppings are most commonly found on and beneath window ledges, attic eaves, and roofs. When the droppings are disturbed, spores from any disease that is present become airborne.

If pigeons or other nuisance birds gain access to attic spaces, contaminated feces can also be found inside the buildings as well as outside of them. Removing the pigeons and their droppings from your building, sidewalks, and yard can minimize the risk of contracting any of the more than fifty diseases carried by these birds. Here is a look at three of the transmittable diseases pigeons carry that humans can get/

Histoplasmosis – 1st reason to Hire Pigeon Control

Histoplasmosis is a fungus that is transmitted to humans through pigeon droppings or contaminated soil that has been disturbed sufficiently to cause airborne particulates to float. Once a person inhales the spores, symptoms of the disease often develop. The symptoms are similar to the ones presented when an individual catches the flu.

Typically, the reaction is a minor one that goes away on its own. However, individuals whose immune systems have been compromised might experience more severe reactions, including high fever, pneumonia, and blood infections. For these individuals, treatment is necessary to avoid deadly complications. The disease is diagnosed easily using a simple test involving a skin prick.

Psittacosis – 2nd Reason  to Hire Pigeon Control

Psittacosis is caused by a specific strain of bacteria known as Chlamydophila psittaci. It is spread to humans through pigeon droppings that have dried out enough to become airborne.

Psittacosis typically produces a mild, flu-like reaction in humans. Some individuals, particularly people with weakened immune systems, develop a more serious form of psittacosis that includes high fever, chills, and headaches. In some situations, the individual develops pneumonia. Psittacosis is also known by the name Pigeon Ornithosis.

Cryptococcosis Neoformans – 3rd Reason to Hire Pigeon Control 

Cryptococcosis neoformans is a fungus that is sometimes found wherever pigeons roost. Humans contract the disease by inhaling airborne particulates of pigeon poop.

The disease might present itself as acne-like bumps on the skin or even beneath the skin. However, this response is less commonly seen than the more generalized version that presents as a lung infection. If left untreated, the disease spreads from the lungs to the central nervous system, where it can develop into a fatal condition.

For most people, the response to this disease is a rather mild one. Unfortunately, anyone with a weakened immune system is likely to develop a more virulent response that could be deadly.

Bird Removal Toronto - Pigeon Removal Toronto
Affordable Bird Removal Toronto – Pigeon Removal Toronto – Affordable Wildlife Control
  • Large roosts of pigeons increase the risk of developing one of the diseases associated with this type of bird. If the roost has been present for a number of years, the risk is greater due to the fact that the diseases are more often spread through pigeon dust that is inhaled rather than contact with fresh droppings.
  • Unfortunately, a previous infection caused by one of these diseases does not provide protection against developing it a second or third time.
  • It is important to realize that the soil beneath pigeon roosts must be properly decontaminated since fungal spores might be contained inside of it. This is particularly true when pigeons have roosted in a specific area for a number of years.
  • In fact, even if the pigeons have been gone for many years, the soil can still be contaminated. If you have a pigeon problem, you should contact a wildlife removal company with the skills needed to properly eliminate this dangerous situation.

Hire a Wildlife Control Company, It’s the Stress-Free Way to Deal With a Raccoon Problem

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