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Raccoon Removal Scarborough, Squirrel Removal Scarborough, Affordable Wildlife Removal, High Quality Affordable Pest Control
Raccoon Removal Scarborough, Squirrel Removal Scarborough, High-Quality Affordable Wildlife Removal

Scarborough Raccoon Removal

Hire an Affordable Wildlife Removal Company Near Scarborough, It’s the stress-free way to deal with a raccoon problem & the best wildlife removal tip you can use.

You are not the only one who views your home as a source of warmth, protection, and sustenance. The local wildlife, from skunks and raccoons to squirrels and mice, also looks at your home as a refuge from the harsh outdoor weather and the ever-present threat of predators.

  Those raccoons may view your home as a refuge, but they can do some real damage if they are allowed to move in. From chewing on electrical cords and possibly sparking a fire to ripping out your attic insulation and spiking your utility bills, the threats are very real. If you suspect that your home has been invaded by raccoons, you need to act fast – before things start to spiral out of control.

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Raccoons in particular can be very dangerous house guests. These masked bandits are excellent chewers, and they can chew through electrical wires in a matter of seconds. Raccoons can also harbour rabies and other diseases, putting the well-being of your family members and pets at risk.


Know the Signs of Raccoons in your Scarborough Attic

  • You cannot do anything about a raccoon invasion until you know for sure that one is underway. Raccoons tend to be rather loud house guests, especially at night, so listen carefully for unusual sounds. If you hear scratching, running or fighting sounds, chances are some sort of creature has moved into the attic.
  • There are other signs of raccoon invasion, including disturbances in the attic insulation and claw marks and tracks in the attic dust. You may also notice chewed or frayed electrical wires, and if you do, you should call an electrician right away to address the damage and protect your home from fire hazards.


Move the Raccoons Out Easily, Hire a Raccoon Removal Expert

  • If you suspect that raccoons have set up a home in your attic, the best way to remove them is with a one-way door installed one the point of entry. This is a task best left to an experienced raccoon removal company. If you’re a DIY type of person and insist on trying yourself with live trapping, keep in mind you will need a plan for what to do once the trap is sprung. A skunk in the trap could mess up your plans big time and relocating and releasing could be tricky considering you’ll need to get right on top of the trap to do so.
  • Depending on where you live, it may be illegal to release the raccoons and skunks outside their territory, so think carefully about what you plan to do if you catch the intruders. If you have a plan in place and you know it is legal and it’s not baby season, go right ahead. Otherwise, it is best to call a wildlife removal expert

Two Common Raccoon Removal Mistakes Made By Scarborough Homeowners 

  1.  Sealing up the entry and exit points with the raccoon’s still inside. This will mean even more damage to your home. Even worse, the trapped raccoon could become very aggressive once it knows it has no place to go.
  2. Setting raccoon traps with no plan on what to do once it’s caught. Sometimes stray cats which can get quite aggressive get caught in the trap, even the odd skunk passing by could get caught and most people aren’t prepared to deal with getting sprayed.
Raccoon Control & Removal Near Scarborough, Animal Removal Scarborough, Affordable Raccoon Removal Service.
Raccoon Control & Removal Near Scarborough, Animal Removal Scarborough, Affordable Raccoon Removal Service. Get Affordable Raccoon Removal In Mississauga 

How to Keep Scarborough Raccoons from Becoming Pests

Raccoons found in Canada & United States go by the scientific name of Procyon lotor. They are one of the many animals that are adapting to live alongside man and that makes them a prime target for becoming nuisance animals.

The Physiological Advantages of Being a Raccoon

Raccoons have thumbs. Their front paws have non-opposable thumbs which help them adapt to smaller territories. In the wild, raccoons travel for miles to find food. The modern raccoon travels shorter distances to find food, shelter, and safety. That is partially thanks to their thumb. The raccoon’s thumb allows them to access containers that would thwart most pest animals. Raccoons have no problem opening garbage cans, pet doors and removing obstacles that keep them from food.

Raccoons are clever. Another trait that sets raccoons apart is their brain. They can solve puzzles. They also learn from each other and adapt as they grow. In fact, many raccoons seem to enjoy the challenge of solving puzzles. That little trick makes them even more prone to becoming a pest.

Best Five Tips to Keep Raccoons from Becoming Pests

Prevention is first: Raccoons search for food and shelter. To prevent raccoons from becoming pests remove feeding opportunities around the property. The idea is that no food means no raccoons.

Tip 1: Feed outdoor pets during the day and exact amounts of food. Most veterinarians will tell you that you should only feed a pet so much food per day. Stick to that advice. Excess food or never-empty food supplies attract a host of pest animals including raccoons.

Tip2: Make access to garbage difficult. The more a raccoon must work to obtain a meal, the less likely they are to make that food source a target. A simple solution to keep raccoons out of your garbage cans is to use bungee cords to keep the lid securely in place.

Remove the Opportunity: Raccoons have three basic needs – food, shelter, and security. The motivation for living alongside man is to find food, shelter and to be safe. Removing the opportunity helps homeowners to discourage raccoons from being pests.

Tip 3: Make it difficult for raccoons to find shelter. Your home is not a hostel. Replace vent screens with material that is not easy to tear. The galvanized screen works. Replace thin vent screens with galvanized screening. This will keep raccoons and other pests out from attics and from under foundations.

Tip 4: Make sure that doors are snug and that lids to permanent storage containers are secure. Raccoons are strong and have few problems squeezing through small openings. Add end latches to wooden bins so that each end of the lid remains snug.

Tip 5: Secure outbuildings and their foundations with dig screening. Animals, including raccoons, dig to gain access to dry, warm shelters. The undersides of outbuildings are just that – dry and warm. Installing metal screens into the soil around your outbuildings helps keep pests out.

Do Repellents Work on Raccoons?

Repellents only work if the temptation for food and shelter is not strong. When a raccoon is hungry, they will tolerate repellents. It is better to invest in methods that remove the temptation of food or shelter. It is a waste the money to buy repellents that do not work.

There are also plenty of home remedies that people use which do very little to solve a raccoon pest problem. These remedies do not address the issues that encourage raccoons to enter yards, knock over garbage cans, or make their home in attics. By removing feeding, shelter, and security opportunities, raccoons will naturally look elsewhere.  

How to Remove Pest Raccoons

If you have a wildlife pest problem, then use the quality services of a high-quality wildlife pest removal company. If the pests are raccoons, then call a service that specializes in the removal of raccoons. Never try to evict a raccoon on your own. They are strong animals that will defend themselves. A professional wildlife pest control company has tools that work to safely and humanely remove raccoons. Those tools include:

    •  Live traps – Live traps are a humane way to relocate raccoons and other pests away from human settlements. In Canada, the removal of pests must be humane and best left to a raccoon removal expert.
  •  Extraction Poles – Extraction poles are metal poles with a wire loop around the end. They enable professional pest control companies to remove an animal from an enclosed space. The tool works without hurting the animal or causing an unsafe situation. Nobody wants to deal with the possibility of rabies from an animal bite. Be safe and use a professional wildlife service. 

The benefit of using a professional wildlife pest management company include the safe and humane removal of pests. There is also the opportunity for a professional evaluation of the property. Identification of easily fixed problems means fewer pests. 

Raccoons, especially baby ones are cute, but they are also capable of being pests. While the temptation is there to feed them, keep in mind that these animals are destructive, smart, and very capable of making themselves at home. Avoid pest raccoons by removing the opportunities for food and shelter.

Raccoon Removal, Squirrel Removal – The Cost Of Wildlife Removal

If you would rather avoid the hassle, expense and potential damage of DIY raccoon removal, you can always call an Animal Removal Toronto specialist to do the job for you. These Animal Removal Professionals are experts at getting rid of not only raccoons, skunks & squirrels but also other nuisance animals, and they can recommend prevention & upgrades to your home that can keep those troublesome creatures from coming back.

If you’re unsure of how to manage your squirrel removal problem the facts might help you decide.

Safely Preventing Raccoons from Living in Your Yard – Raccoon Removal Scarborough

If you don’t want raccoons moving into your yard, then you need to take these affordable steps to make it look less attractive as a nesting spot. After all, would you want to live in a place that did not have any food, cozy places to sit or shelter from predators and bad weather? If you want to discourage raccoons from entering your yard or home, use the following raccoon removal tips.

Our #1 Tip for nuisance wildlife removal is to hire a Raccoon Removal Toronto expert like AAA Affordable Wildlife Control to do it for you. Nothing works better the following the advice of some one who deals with raccoon & squirrels on a daily basis.

Raccoon Control & Removal Scarborough, Animal Removal Scarborough, Affordable Wildlife Control
Raccoon Control & Removal Scarborough, Animal Removal Scarborough, Affordable Wildlife Control

Never Feed Your Pets or Other Wildlife Outside

If you have pets, you should feed them inside of your home to avoid having leftovers attract unwanted raccoons and squirrels. Even if you clean up after you feed your pets outdoors, the smell and crumbs can still attract rodents & wildlife.

Cover Garbage Securely

Raccoons are clever animals. They can easily find a way to get into your garbage if the lid isn’t securely attached. Raccoon paws are dextrous and their claws are sharp, and they can use them to easily pry open garbage cans. Use a special cart with a lid to house your garbage containers, lock them up in the garage, or secure them with metal chains.

Get Rid of Fallen Trees

Raccoons often use hollowed-out trees for their homes. If any fallen trees exist in your yard, hire an affordable landscaping company to remove them for you.

Remove or Secure Detached Garage and Storage Units

Unused sheds on a lot of Toronto properties offer the perfect hideaway for raccoons. If you are no longer using your shed, make sure that the windows and doors are secured or take it down completely. When winter comes the raccoons may try moving into your attic where it’s much warmer.

Screen Attics and Crawlspaces

Raccoons are good climbers, so they might just be interested in that empty attic or the crawlspace beneath your deck or porch. Take the time to install wire screening to discourage them from choosing your attic, porch, or deck as their next home. Hiring a wildlife removal service to do the prevention will ensure the work is done right and you can get a written guarantee so it’s definitely worth the money spent.



AAA Affordable Wildlife Control

AAA Affordable Wildlife Control


Customer reviews, testimonials & critiques of AAA Affordable Wildlife Control.
Reading reviews before hiring a wildlife removal company is the norm these days. Most wildlife removal companies across the Greater Toronto Area have great reviews and maybe the odd negative review. Some potential customers are skeptical and think are all those great reviews real.

The fact is, in Toronto, you have to be good at wildlife control to survive in the business. It’s in everyone’s best interest to solve the problem by getting the raccoons & squirrels out as fast and efficiently as possible. If the wildlife control technician doesn’t do their job properly the first time it will only complicate things later, possibly causing the customer to Wright a negative review of their experience.

AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Reviews
AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Reviews

The booking process is one of the most important parts of a wildlife removal service. Getting the right information & advice on the phone helps prepare for what’s to come.

We always say that getting wildlife out of an attic is relatively easy, but keeping them out for the long-term and doing it humanly requires experience.

If a wildlife removal company shows up, sets a trap or fixes an entry hole with a one-way door, you might think it’s problem solved. If they didn’t bother to inspect all the right areas and give options for preventative measures, that would make trouble for them later, if the animals came back and entered these areas.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the wildlife control company is simply trying to upsell your squirrel removal or raccoon removal job purely for profit. Yes, this can happen as some technicians are pushy because they’re under pressure to keep a daily/monthly sales average. Typically you are getting useful advice that should be considered if you truly want to keep wildlife out for the long term.

Most wildlife removal companies are perfectly fine with doing the basic raccoon removal job for a customer. If they know they gave the customer the option to protect other areas but it was the customer’s decision to decline the recommendations, it’s less likely to be a problem for the technician later if the animals get back inside.

If the customer didn’t have a choice or the technician didn’t inspect other areas on the first visit, that’s when problems arise and a potential 5-star review is now a 1 star.

A mama raccoon and her babies are cute but not so much when they move into your attic or under your house addition. It is important that wildlife stay wild because living around humans can be dangerous. Not only are many animals killed by cars each year, but the food they find around our homes is not designed to meet the nutritional needs of animals. Let’s explore how to deter wildlife from moving in with you.

How Much Does Squirrel Removal Toronto, Skunk Removal, Raccoon Removal Toronto Cost,
How Much Does Squirrel Removal Toronto, Skunk Removal, Raccoon Removal Toronto Cost,

Outdoor Pets and Food – affordable wildlife control tip #1

Everything in the wild seems to adore cat kibble, even full-grown moose. During the wintertime bring pets indoors and bring their food in as you do. Pet food is an easy meal and when winter food supplies run low, the small draws in everything from possums and raccoons to skunks and coyotes. TIP: Many animals breed based on food supply. By making sure that you feed your pets indoors, you reduce the risk of feeding wildlife. In so doing, you help to decrease your risk of having wildlife pest issues.

Keep Your Yard Clean and Neat – affordable wildlife control tip #2

Yard debris is a welcome sign for insects and there are plenty of animals that love to eat insects. Skunks are one such creature. They like to root around in piles of leaves and mulch looking for worms, insects, grubs, and delectable foods. Nobody wants insect pests invading your home during the winter months. Moreover, they do not want skunks hanging around where the food is plentiful. Tip: Keep yard maintenance on schedule by removing fallen leaves, trimming shrubs, and making sure that yard waste removal is prompt. Nobody wants to deal with skunk spray on a dog or child.

Pet Door Blunders – affordable wildlife control tip #3

Your pet’s door is a gateway for stray cats, raccoons, possums, and skunks who don’t mind coming in to eat pet food, go through your garbage and scare you half-to-death in the night. Make sure that your pet door has a lock and restrict your pet’s use during daylight hours during the winter months. Tip: You can eliminate the need for night-time pet potty breaks by taking them outside before bed and first thing in the morning.

By securing the pet door or using an electronic sensor that opens and close the door for your pet you eliminate the surprises for both you and wildlife that could use the pet door.

Secure Points of Entry – Tip # 4

Wildlife such as raccoons and squirrels do not need a big opening to invade your home. Homes have many access points that humans might not even consider as large enough to admit a raccoon. However, raccoons are not the only winter wildlife pest. Birds, squirrels, and raccoons are three of the most likely wildlife pest candidates that can access your home’s roof. From there, birds and squirrels can use broken eve vents (soffit vents) to gain entrance to your home’s attic or walls. Raccoons are curious. Chimneys that have missing or broken covers make a tempting entrance that can lead to the interior of your home.

Tip: Spend some time each spring to assess winter damage and repair it immediately. By fall, repeat the process. Wildlife will take advantage of any opportunity they find to find warm winter lodging. By adding checking vents, and chimney screens to your spring and fall to-do list you remove the opportunity. In so doing, winter wildlife guests cannot make their way into your addict or home. 

. Check Eve Vents

. Check Chimney Screens

. Check Foundation Screen

Trees/Shrubs – Pruning Makes a Difference Tip # 5

Trees and shrubs that are overgrown provide cover for wildlife to walk right up to your home undetected. By trimming trees away from your home, you not only make the approach to your home more visible, but you also remove a natural ladder that leads to your roof. Raccoons easily climb trees.

Tip: Keeping shrubs and trees pruned back helps remove the easy access to your room. Squirrels also love trees that are wild and bushy. They use the centres to build nests made from leaves and twigs where they hibernate all winter long. By keeping the trees around your house pruned you help to decrease the instinct of squirrels to build nests near your home. Dense trees provide a windbreak and act to further insulate a squirrel nest.

Preparing Outbuilding Against Wildlife Pest Invasions Tip # 6

Outbuildings, which may not have heat still draw attention from wildlife pests who need to find warmer digs during winter. Sheds and buildings that do not have a cement floor are prime targets for animals that dig dens. Fox, coyotes, and raccoons will take advantage of an easy shelter. During the winter, many outbuildings are not used and that means they can live under or inside without much danger. Preparing an outbuilding to be entry proof and dig proof requires the installation of a prevention skirt. This is metal grating that you install in the ground around an outbuilding. Tip: Installing a prevention skirt helps to block access to the recess beneath buildings.  

What to do If You have an Animal Visitor?

Most animals will flee if approached, but not all. Mothers with young may defend them. The focus here is your safety. You can open a door and stand back and the animal might leave on their own. If that occurs, you can then take care of sealing up the entrance that they used. If the animal does not leave then call a qualified animal control expert to remove them. Wild animals can carry rabies and other diseases. If they bite you, you might have to undergo rabies treatment, receive a tetanus shot, or even stitches.

Do not corner wildlife. If they feel they are in danger they may become aggressive. You might also force them to enter a smaller space to find safety and make the process of evicting them even harder. Give them space and contact a wildlife pest management expert. While your immediate goal might be to force the animal out of your home, your real goal is to keep it safe.

Wildlife may seem cute and cuddly, but wild animals do not belong in our homes or around our pets. Squirrels and other rodents can transmit bubonic plague by sharing fleas with your dog or cat. Be proactive in deterring wildlife from thinking that your home is suitable as a home for them too. They’re easy to do tasks that help you keep wildlife wild and your home a safe environment. Find even more wildlife & pest control tips here.

Wasp Nest Removal Toronto – Animal Removal Toronto

Wasp Nest Removal Service Near Me.

 Local & Affordable Wasp Nest Removal in Toronto, Ontario. Wasps, bees and hornets may be native and important components of local ecosystems, but they sure aren’t very much fun to live around. While you should always solicit professional assistance when trying to evict these stinging insects, you can do a few things to help discourage their presence and make it easier to keep your yard free of these infuriating insects.

Employ the following five tips and suggestions to keep the wasps & bees at bay:

1. Remove the Pollen-Producing Plants in Your Yard

Doing everything you can to save the bees may be a popular sentiment these days, but if you want to cut down on the number of stinging insects in your yard, there’s no better way than eliminating the very things that attract them in the first place. To do so, you’ll want to elimin1-wasp-nest-removal-squirrel-removal-torontoate any plants that produce showy, fragrant flowers, as these usually attract bees, wasps and their kin.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t still have an attractive, well-planted yard or garden. Plenty of evergreen trees, oaks, birch trees, ferns and ornamental grasses have wind-pollinated flowers, which will not attract insects.  

2. Keep Trashcans Shut and Picnic Tables Clean

Yellow jacket (which are technically a type of wasp) love to feed on the bits of food and spilled liquids that coat picnic tables and accumulate inside garbage cans. This is especially true in the late summer and fall when the local wasp populations are highest. But if you simply keep outdoor tables and eating surfaces clean, and you make sure your trash is bagged and kept in an air-tight can, you can encourage the wasps to look elsewhere for food.

Unlike many other wasps and bees, yellow jackets are prickly customers, who may feel threatened by your mere presence. Additionally, when one yellow jacket decides to sting, many of her sisters will join in the attack, potentially leaving you with dozens of stings.

3. Encourage Birds to Frequent Your Yard

Many birds consume flying insects, and they will not hesitate to include wasps or bees on the menu. Encouraging songbirds to spend time in your yard will help keep the local bee and wasp populations in check.

Thrushes are some of the most effective predators of bees and wasps, but woodpeckers, martins and swifts also consume their fair share of stinging insects as well. You can attract songbirds with feeders, but you can also provide them with birdbaths or nest boxes for even greater success.  

4. Monitor Your Eaves and Overhangs for Uninvited Tenants

Wasp nests and beehives do not spring up overnight – it takes the industrious insects some time to construct their homes. If you simply keep an eye out for the first signs of a nest, you can have the nest removed (by a competent wildlife professional – never attempt to remove a wasp nest or beehive yourself) before the problem becomes serious.

How Much Does Wasp Nest Removal in Toronto Cost
How Much Does Wasp Nest Removal in Toronto Cost

Don’t wait for the nest to double or triple in size before making arrangements to have it removed; to help save yourself some money (and reduce the chances that you’ll be stung), deal with nests as soon as you notice them.  

5. Seal Up All the Cracks and Crevices You Can

Hornets and paper wasps tend to construct their nests in exposed locations, but honeybees and yellow jackets prefer to build their homes in sheltered locations, such as inside the walls of your home. This can be an expensive problem to remedy, so the best course of action is to seal up any small holes possible before the bees make their way inside.

Don’t forget to examine the large trees around your home for large hollows. These areas can be very attractive to bees looking to build a new hive, so try to block them with a tree-friendly foam to deny them access to the area.  

Wildlife professionals can usually remove any bees, wasps or hornets that set up shop near your home, but by following these suggestions, you can help reduce the frequency of the problem and encourage the bees to live somewhere else. By being proactive, you can avoid a lot of bee- and wasp-related problems before they even start.

Squirrel Removal Mississauga

How to Deal with a Mississauga Squirrel Invasion

Our Squirrel Removal Mississauga Experts Can Help. – If you’re unsure of how to manage your squirrel removal problem the facts below might help you decide. Squirrel removal is a service every Mississauaga homeowner is going to need at least once in their life. Squirrels may be delightfully cute and amusing animals to spot playing in your yard, but if an occasional visitor takes a liking to your property and decides to become a habitual resident, then you could be heading for trouble. Squirrels are one of nature’s great diggers, but unfortunately, they don’t limit this skill to burying nuts for the winter. A busy individual can wreak havoc in a garden, ripping up plants, stripping the bark off trees, raiding your bird feeders, and destroying birds’ nests while stealing the eggs or even chicks.

All of this is bad enough, but if unwelcome visitors colonize your roof space or chimney stack then they can cause costly damage to your home. They can nibble away at the shingles on your roof, shred attic insulation, damaged water pipes, and chew through electric wiring. But squirrel invaders are not only a danger to your bank balance – official estimates put the number of house fires they cause through damage to electrics at up to 30,000 each year.

Squirrel Removal Toronto
Squirrel Removal Mississauga
  • Health Risks Posed By Squirrels –Add to this the fact that the average squirrel will be hopping with ticks and fleas, as well as possibly carrying diseases from rabies to the deadly Powassan virus, and it’s clear that these aren’t animals you want to be welcoming as permanent house guests. But what can you do without resorting to poisons or other lethal means?


  • Act Quickly – The first consideration is that speed is of the essence. A single squirrel can create enough of a problem, but should your interloper be a pregnant female, then the potential damage is magnified greatly. A typical squirrel litter will have up to five infants, which will take around three months to reach maturity. A lot of harm can be caused within that time period, and with squirrels usually producing two litters a year, the problem needs to be taken care of quickly.


Call Squirrel Removal Mississauga Service for Help

If you do find that one or more squirrels have set up a home on your property, it’s not always a good idea to try and deal with the situation yourself. These animals are famously agile and quick, but what’s more, they can be surprisingly vicious if they’re cornered or if their brood is under threat. Being attacked by such an angry rodent is not an experience to be welcomed, especially if you’re balanced precariously up a ladder at the time.

You may be frustrated and considering the idea of laying down poisons, but this is illegal and fraught with difficulty. Quite apart from any ethical concerns, taking this approach also poses risks to other wild animals, household pets, and even children.

Humane Squirrel Removal From Your Mississauga Home

The most straightforward and convenient solution is to contact a local wildlife control company that can arrange the humane removal of the squirrels. This involves setting one-way doors to evict the animals without harming them and then prevention them from regaining entry to your home so that all concerned can continue living in peace.

A good squirrel removal expert will be sure to check that all squirrels have completely cleared, as well as assessing the damage that may have been caused. They can also offer help and advice on how to avoid repeat problems, such as finding out how the squirrels gained entry to your building and sealing off access points.

No matter how cute a squirrel can be, it’s best not to forget that they’re really just rodents with a better public image. You wouldn’t want a family of rats living in your home, so why put up with squirrels? An experienced and professional Squirrel Removal Mississauga expert can solve your problem quickly, humanely, and at an affordable cost.


3 Transmittable Diseases Pigeons Carry That Humans Can Get

More here

Affordable Skunk Removal Toronto

Common Mistakes That Could Be Welcoming Skunks onto Your Property

Even if you never see those distinctive black and white stripes, you know when skunks have been on your property. All it takes is one whiff and you know that these common pests have been visiting you in the night. If you do not want to encounter a skunk during the light of day, you need to take a look at your property and avoid common mistakes that could be drawing these smelly pests to your home.


Many of the things we do every day, from how we store food and where we put our garbage cans to how we feed our outdoor animals, can be an open invitation to skunks and other household pests. If you want to keep those pests at bay, you need to change your ways, and it all starts with awareness.

How Much Does Squirrel Removal Toronto, Skunk Removal, Raccoon Removal Toronto Cost,
How Much Does Squirrel Removal Toronto, Skunk Removal, Raccoon Removal Toronto Cost,

If you live in the country or even in the suburbs, you may have seen a feral cat or two. Maybe you even started feeding those strays to save them from hunger and make yourself feel better. There is nothing wrong with being a cat lover, and nothing inherently wrong with feeding strays – just be aware that the neighbourhood felines may not be the only ones enjoying the free meal.


Skunks love cat food, and leaving bowls of kibble laying around is a sure way to draw them in. Skunks are blessed with an excellent sense of smell, and those tiny noses will hone in on the cat food and lead them to the free meal.


If you must feed the strays, place the feed dish as close to your home as possible, and leave the outdoor lights on while they eat. Once your kitties have had their fill, remove the food bowls, clean them thoroughly and store them inside your home.


If you suspect that skunks have already found your home, you can verify your suspicions by watching for their distinctive tracks. In addition to cat food, skunks love larvae and grubs, and they will often dig up lawns to get the goods. Patches of lawn that appear to have been dug up are a dead giveaway, as are narrow five-clawed paw prints.


There are things you can do to make your home less attractive to skunks and other common pests. Keeping the cat food stored away is one strategy, but paying attention to how you store garbage and other household waste is just as important. Food waste should be stored in critter-proof containers and kept in a well-lit area. Using scented bags or other odour-blocking technology helps as well since skunks are guided largely by their keen sense of smell.

You can also use the skunks’ nocturnal nature to keep them away from your home and yard. Installing a bright spotlight on your patio or in your yard can help a great deal, as can the use of motion-sensing lighting. Skunks move and feed primarily at night, so denying them dark hiding places could convince them to seek refuge elsewhere.



Humane Commercial Pest Control In Toronto

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Springtime is coming and the birds are chirping. Are you ready for all of the wildlife in your neck of the woods to invade your home? Here in Toronto, AAA Affordable Wildlife and Pest Control can help you if you are having wildlife problems. Don’t be afraid to kick animals off of your property, if you can’t do it, give us a call.

We are the premier wildlife removal experts here in Toronto. Don’t worry, we won’t hurt them! We will only relocate them to a new location to stop them from invading your territory. Different animals that we are prepared to handle at a moment’s notice include squirrels, skunks, raccoons, and birds like pigeons. Animal control can be difficult on your own. We are on your side! With our solutions, you will be animal-free in no time!

If animals aren’t the problem but it’s more like pests such as insects and weird bugs, we can be the exterminators in Toronto that you are in desperate need of. Nobody likes to see their home infested with a nasty creature you can’t identify. That is where we step in. We can give you the extermination procedures you need to keep your home and commercial building a pest-free zone. Providing commercial pest control solutions is one of our highest priorities.

Get the solution you have been looking for when it comes to local animals. We know here at AAA Affordable Wildlife and Pest Control that there are pests that can get out of control in Toronto. If you need help at home or in your commercial building, make sure you give us a call! We can take control of your pest problem and leave you satisfied.

Best Winter Pest Control & Wildlife Removal Tips
Best Winter Pest Control & Wildlife Removal Tips

We know that mice and rats are not the cleanest pests to have in your commercial building, that is why we offer commercial pest control here in Toronto, so you can let us do the dirty work. Mice and rats are the most common pest here in the greater Toronto area. They can hide in walls and underfloor boarding, making capturing them seem impossible. Rats and mice are very fast breeders and they can get out of control quickly! Our exterminators here at AAA Affordable Wildlife and Pest Control can be responsible as your local animal control to take control of your pest solutions in your commercial building.

Here at AAA Affordable Wildlife and Pest Control, we strive to give you the best service possible. We will always have an experienced technician call you within 20 minutes of your phone call, so you can get the help you need, fast! All of our commercial pest control solutions here in Toronto are safe, fast, and affordable! If you are ready to take action with exterminating the pests bothering you, make an appointment online by filling out our quick and easy appointment form here.

Bird Nest Removal Toronto – Pigeons, Starlings, Finches

 Affordable Bird Nest Removal Services 

 The beauty of Brampton is under siege by a nuisance bird problem that continues to grow. The abundance of readily available scraps of food, seeds, and berries throughout the area invites these resilient birds to call Brampton their home.

In fact, pigeons, finches, and starlings rarely need to forage for food since humans have become sloppy in discarding their leftovers. Plus, some people simply enjoy watching the frenzied efforts of birds as they swoop in to compete for a handful of seeds. If nuisance birds have invaded your residential or business area, it might be time to consider hiring a Brampton bird removal service.

Bird Nest Removal Toronto Wildlife Removal Reviews  

Problems Created by Pigeons & Nuisance Birds in Brampton

Although pigeons and black starlings don’t actively go out to destroy things, their mere presence can lead to a number of problems, including each of the following circumstances:

  • Inability to enjoy a balcony or yard due to the smell, noise, and mess
  • Building facades defaced by pigeon excrement and urine
  • Risk of disease (salmonella poisoning and histoplasmosis) due to pigeon droppings
  • Exposure to fleas, bird mites, and ticks
  • Shingles prematurely deteriorating as a result of a pigeon infestation
  • Clog gutters and rain spouts
  • Slipping hazards created by pigeon excrement and urine
  • Pigeon droppings stain paint, discolour wood, erode metal, weaken brickwork, and damage tar-based roofs

Where Do Pigeons & Other Birds Live on Your Property?

  Pigeons typically look for a flat, sheltered area where they can roost throughout the night. The birds build nests, personalizing their spots. Each evening, the pigeons return to their nest to relax until they go to sleep. Once you see the signs of a pigeon nest or two, your problem has begun.

Pigeon Control and Bird Nest Removal Brampton Service
Pigeon Control and Bird Nest Removal Brampton Service


Although pigeons do not need a lot of space for their nesting area, they prefer narrow spots that offer at least some protection from the wind, rain, sleet, snow, and predators. Therefore, they often choose one of the following areas to roost and/or build a nest:

  • oversized or recessed window ledge
  •  The overhang of a building, particularly the corners
  •  Gutters
  •  Flat Roofs
  •  Loft spaces
  •  Areas containing a large sign
  •  Beneath an air conditioning unit located on a roof
  •  Rooftops located in an alley
  •  Balconies
AAA Affordable Wildlife Reviews, Bird Removal Toronto Reviews
AAA Affordable Wildlife Reviews, Bird Removal Toronto Reviews

Pigeon Behaviour 

While they remain active throughout the majority of the day, pigeons return to their roosting area just prior to sunset. Pigeons have limited eyesight that doesn’t allow them to see well during the night, which is why they avoid flying during this time. Their complete lack of fear regarding humans is one of the reasons why pigeons are frequently seen out in the open. Pigeons are social birds, and they tend to roost in groups rather than alone.


Preventing Pigeon Problems

Unless you can also control your neighbour’s behaviour, you might find it difficult to eliminate pigeon problems completely. After all, if your neighbour enjoys feeding the pigeons, a few of these birds are going to end up in your yard or on your rooftop. Nonetheless, eliminating enticements in your own yard can impact the number of pigeons finding their way into your backyard in a positive way.

Pigeon Control and Bird Nest Removal Brampton Service
Bird Nest Removal Brampton – Affordable Wildlife Control


Use the following tips to minimize pigeon damage:


  • Do not use bird feeders
  • Secure garbage immediately and thoroughly
  • Clean up after pets
  • Replace fruiting bushes with non-fruiting varieties
  • Eliminate standing sources of water

Professional pigeon solutions include a number of different strategies, including each of the following:

  • Bird wire
  • Porcupine wire
  • Bird coil
  • Netting
  • Screening


How Much Does Squirrel Removal Toronto, Skunk Removal, Raccoon Removal Toronto Cost,
How Much Does Squirrel Removal Toronto, Skunk Removal, Raccoon Removal Toronto Cost,


Pigeon Removal Brampton – 3 Transmittable Diseases Pigeons Carry That Humans Can Get


Pigeon control is a service that can vary in cost depending on how long the problem has been going on. Pigeons carry a wide variety of diseases that are easily transmitted to humans, providing one of the most important reasons to seek wildlife control services to remove the birds from your business or residential area.

Transmission of disease typically occurs through the inhalation of dust created by dried-out pigeon droppings.

Animal Removal Toronto - Bird Removal Toronto
Animal Removal Toronto – Pigeon & Bird Removal Toronto, Affordable Wildlife Control Toronto Services

Pigeon droppings are most commonly found on and beneath window ledges, attic eaves, and roofs. When the droppings are disturbed, spores from any disease that is present become airborne.

If pigeons or other nuisance birds gain access to attic spaces, contaminated feces can also be found inside the buildings as well as outside of them. Removing the pigeons and their droppings from your building, sidewalks, and yard can minimize the risk of contracting any of the more than fifty diseases carried by these birds. Here is a look at three of the transmittable diseases pigeons carry that humans can get/

Histoplasmosis – 1st reason to Hire Pigeon Control

Histoplasmosis is a fungus that is transmitted to humans through pigeon droppings or contaminated soil that has been disturbed sufficiently to cause airborne particulates to float. Once a person inhales the spores, symptoms of the disease often develop. The symptoms are similar to the ones presented when an individual catches the flu.

Typically, the reaction is a minor one that goes away on its own. However, individuals whose immune systems have been compromised might experience more severe reactions, including high fever, pneumonia, and blood infections. For these individuals, treatment is necessary to avoid deadly complications. The disease is diagnosed easily using a simple test involving a skin prick.

Psittacosis – 2nd Reason  to Hire Pigeon Control

Psittacosis is caused by a specific strain of bacteria known as Chlamydophila psittaci. It is spread to humans through pigeon droppings that have dried out enough to become airborne.

Psittacosis typically produces a mild, flu-like reaction in humans. Some individuals, particularly people with weakened immune systems, develop a more serious form of psittacosis that includes high fever, chills, and headaches. In some situations, the individual develops pneumonia. Psittacosis is also known by the name Pigeon Ornithosis.

Cryptococcosis Neoformans – 3rd Reason to Hire Pigeon Control 

Cryptococcosis neoformans is a fungus that is sometimes found wherever pigeons roost. Humans contract the disease by inhaling airborne particulates of pigeon poop.

The disease might present itself as acne-like bumps on the skin or even beneath the skin. However, this response is less commonly seen than the more generalized version that presents as a lung infection. If left untreated, the disease spreads from the lungs to the central nervous system, where it can develop into a fatal condition.

For most people, the response to this disease is a rather mild one. Unfortunately, anyone with a weakened immune system is likely to develop a more virulent response that could be deadly.

Bird Removal Toronto - Pigeon Removal Toronto
Affordable Bird Removal Toronto – Pigeon Removal Toronto – Affordable Wildlife Control
  • Large roosts of pigeons increase the risk of developing one of the diseases associated with this type of bird. If the roost has been present for a number of years, the risk is greater due to the fact that the diseases are more often spread through pigeon dust that is inhaled rather than contact with fresh droppings.
  • Unfortunately, a previous infection caused by one of these diseases does not provide protection against developing it a second or third time.
  • It is important to realize that the soil beneath pigeon roosts must be properly decontaminated since fungal spores might be contained inside of it. This is particularly true when pigeons have roosted in a specific area for a number of years.
  • In fact, even if the pigeons have been gone for many years, the soil can still be contaminated. If you have a pigeon problem, you should contact a wildlife removal company with the skills needed to properly eliminate this dangerous situation.

Hire a Wildlife Control Company, It’s the Stress-Free Way to Deal With a Raccoon Problem

Bat Removal Toronto – AAA Affordable Wildlife Control

Bats and Cold Weather – An Unhealthy Mix


Numerous types of bats exist throughout the world. Most people are familiar with the little brown bat and have seen it flying at night near their homes. During the warm months, the bats typically live outside, but where do they live during the coldest months of the year? To learn more about their choice of a winter home and why it is so unhealthy for humans.


Where Do Bats Live?


Most bats prefer to live in treetops or caves, but they are more than willing to move into attics, barns, and garages once the cold weather arrives. This is particularly true in highly populated areas where forested areas no longer exist.

Affordable Bat Removal Toronto - Affordable Wildlife Control
Affordable Bat Removal Toronto – Affordable Wildlife Control


Do Bats Live Alone?


Bats live in colonies, sharing the warmth of their bodies as they hibernate. The size of the colony is determined by the number of healthy bats living in the group. As long as the colony is a healthy one, it continues to grow in size from year to year.




What Do Bats Eat?


Although most bats prefer moths and mosquitoes, they feast on other types of insects as well. Since bats are nocturnal, their diet consists primarily of flying insects that are active at night.


Are Bats Active During the Winter?

Affordable Bat Removal Toronto - Animal Removal Toronto
Affordable Bat Removal Toronto – Animal Removal Toronto


During the beginning of the cold-weather season, bats might remain semi-active until they settle in for the long winter. However, once their food source becomes unavailable due to the cold weather, bats tend to remain inside of their chosen home without venturing outside.

How Much Does Squirrel Removal Toronto, Skunk Removal, Raccoon Removal Toronto Cost,
How Much Does Squirrel Removal Toronto, Skunk Removal, Raccoon Removal Toronto Cost,

Preparing Their Home


Unfortunately, when bats move into an attic, they usually create a lot of damage in order to make the place habitable for themselves. Bats often rip up insulation in their search for a spot to roost. The size of the colony is a factor that adds to the mess created by the bats.


Disease and Infection


Bat guano is filled with contaminants. When bats are overwintering in your home, your family might be exposed to guano and develop Histoplasmosis, a deadly disease. Moreover, bats are often infected with ticks and fleas that can migrate from the attic to the rest of your home.


Removing Bats – Animal Removal Toronto


Due to the dangers involved in removing wildlife from an enclosed space, it is best to call in professionals bat removal who are experienced in doing so. Bats can and will bite if they feel threatened.


When bats move into your home, the results can be unpleasant. From the noise of the bats as they move in to the stench of their urine and guano, your home can become uninhabitable. If you suspect bats have entered your attic, you should arrange a bat control expert to have them removed before your health is affected.

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