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If you’re unsure on how to manage your squirrel removal problem the facts below might help you decide.

How to Deal with a Squirrel Invasion

Squirrel removal is a service every Mississauaga homeowner is going to need at least once in their life. Squirrels may be delightfully cute and amusing animals to spot playing in your yard, but if an occasional visitor takes a liking to your property and decides to become a habitual resident, then you could be heading for trouble. Squirrels are one of nature’s great diggers, but unfortunately they don’t limit this skill to burying nuts for the winter. A busy individual can wreak havoc in a garden, ripping up plants, stripping bark off trees, raiding your bird feeders, and destroying birds’ nests while stealing the eggs or even chicks.

All of this is bad enough, but if unwelcome visitors colonize your roof space or chimney stack then they can cause costly damage to your home. They can nibble away at the shingles on your roof, shred attic insulation, damage water pipes, and chew through electric wiring. But squirrel invaders are not only a danger to your bank balance – official estimates put the number of house fires they cause through damage to electrics at up to 30,000 each year.

Squirrel Removal Toronto
Squirrel Removal Toronto

Health Risks

Add to this the fact that the average squirrel will be hopping with ticks and fleas, as well as possibly carrying diseases from from rabies to the deadly Powassan virus, and it’s clear that these aren’t animals you want to be welcoming as permanent house guests. But what can you do without resorting to poisons or other lethal means?

Act Quickly

The first consideration is that speed is of the essence. A single squirrel can create enough of a problem, but should your interloper be a pregnant female, then the potential damage is magnified greatly. A typical squirrel litter will have up to five infants, which will take around three months to reach maturity. A lot of harm can be caused within that time period, and with squirrels usually producing two litters a year, the problem needs to be taken care of quickly.

Call Squirrel Removal Service for Help

If you do find that one or more squirrels have set up home on your property, it’s not always a good idea to try and deal with the situation yourself. These animals are famously agile and quick, but what’s more they can be surprisingly vicious if they’re cornered or if their brood is under threat. Being attacked by such an angry rodent is not an experience to be welcomed, especially if you’re balanced precariously up a ladder at the time.

You may be frustrated  and considering the idea of laying down poisons, but this is illegal and fraught with difficulty. Quite apart from any ethical concerns, taking this approach also poses risks to other wild animals, household pets, and even children.

Humane Removal

The most straightforward and convenient solution is to contact a local Animal Removal Company who can arrange humane removal of the squirrels. This involves setting one-way doors to evict the animals without harming them, and then prevention them from regaining entry to your home so that all concerned can continue life in peace.

A good squirrel removal expert will be sure to check that all squirrels have completely cleared, as well as assessing the damage that may have been caused. They can also offer help and advice on how to avoid repeat problems, such as finding out how the squirrels gained entry to your building, and sealing off access points.

No matter how cute a squirrel can be, it’s best not to forget that they’re really just rodents with a better public image. You wouldn’t want a family of rats living in your home, so why put up with squirrels? An experienced and professional Squirrel Removal experts can solve your problem quickly, humanely, and at a affordable cost.


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